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How we’re doing2017-10-24T13:41:05+00:00

In 2017, 8 new campus bikes were added to the fleet, bringing it up to a total of 24. 2 bikes are now based at the President’s Office and there is one in the Erneville Hospital for staff that were relocated from Brookfield. New campus bike bases are planned in the coming years.

A bike pump has also been installed on main campus next to reception. The station also provides guidance on the correct tyre pressure for different types of bikes.

The cycle to work scheme continues to be popular among UCC staff, with in the region of 1,000 bikes being purchased.

The UCC Commuter Manager undertakes annual travel surveys every April.  Broadly, results show an increase in cycling to campus and a decrease in single occupancy car journeys.

Modal Share – UCC Staff
Modal Share – UCC Students

For more detail on our progress under this category see our Green Campus renewal document in the Resources section.