Campus Habitats

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Habitat Surveys

From 2014 to 2016, Bat Surveys, Habitat Surveys, Bryophyte Surveys and Mammal Surveys were undertaken on UCC Main Campus, Distillery Fields, Western Campus, ERI, Mardyke, and Curaheen sites.  A total of twenty-two habitats were recorded, some of which were assessed as having negligible importance for biodiversity, while others were assessed as being of moderate-high importance for local biodiversity.  A section of Riparian Woodland, which is Annex I habitat under the EU Habitats Directive was found at the ERI.

A total of 86 bryophyte species were recorded during bryophyte surveys of UCC Main Campus, North Mall Campus and Mardyke Sports Grounds, including an assemblage of County Importance on an exposed calcareous rock face on Main Campus. In addition a liverwort species recorded on the same calcareous rock face was recorded as new to the Mid Cork Vice County and a moss species recorded on a stone wall on the boundary of the Mardyke Sports Grounds was also a first for Mid Cork. Below is the habitat map prepared for UCC’s main Campus. Based on the results of all surveys, a Biodiversity Action Plan has been prepared and can be downloaded at this link.