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Procurement & Contracts

UCC by its nature procures a large amount of goods and services, and the environmental and wider sustainability implications of such expenditure can be significant. This is a great opportunity for the University to reduce the negative impacts of its purchasing decisions by implementing a systematic green or sustainable procurement policy and process. This policy would outline a series of environmentally, ethically and socially- conscious purchasing practices and reiterate the University’s commitment to sustainability through the support of green, responsible, and potentially local businesses. Furthermore, owing to the scale of the procurement, such a system (along with similar action by other public procurers) can affect real change in the marketplace resulting in great availability and more competitive pricing of environmental preferable products.

UCC Procurement Office

Information on UCC’s Procurement practices and procedures can be found on the university’s procurement office website.

Government guidelines on Green Public Procurement are available here.

Sustainable Procurement at UCC

UCC’s procurement strategy 2017-2022 highlights that the University should “provide leadership on sustainable and corporate social responsibilities” as one of four strategic objectives over the next five years.  Read more here.