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Teaching & Learning

As part of UCC’s submission to the STARS programme, a review of all modules offered at the university was undertaken to determine the coverage of SDGs within UCC’s learning and teaching.  The methodology and full inventory is available in our STARS Report.  A graphical representation is presented in the figure to the left; this diagram shows the actual number of modules that relate directly to each of the SDGs. Using a conservative methodology, 6% of the university’s modules include sustainable development teachings.  These modules are spread across 60% of the university’s academic departments meaning that 17% of our students graduate having taken one of these modules in the course of their degree.

UCC’s activities in embedding sustainability into the formal and informal curriculum are driven by the priorities outlined in the government’s “National Strategy on Education for Sustainable Development”, which the University also played a role in developing.  Informal learning about sustainability takes places across campus on a regular basis, as students are exposed to actions and campaigns such as the Green Library and Plastic Free Cafe.  Within the formal curriculum, UCC is working to improve the coverage of sustainability over the next number of years through the implementation of the University’s new Academic Strategy.  The Strategy is based on the “Connected Curriculim” model, of which Sustainability and Transdisciplinarity are two of the six key components.

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