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The Community-Academic Research Links initiativeCARL, is located at University College Cork and invites non-profit voluntary or community organisations (CSOs) to suggest potential research topics that can be pursued by students on their behalf across a wide range of academic disciplines in UCC.

CARL is based on the ‘Science Shop’ model and follows a 40 year European tradition with similar initiatives on-going in some of the highest ranked Universities in Europe and worldwide. CARL’s mission is to provide independent, participatory research support in response to concerns experienced by civil society.

A number of projects have been undertaken through CARL that are of relevance to environment and sustainability including one undertaken in conjunction with Stop Food Waste.  A list of all CARL research projects is available on the CARL website.

UCC is a signatory of the Campus Engage Charter, which is a platform for the promotion of civic engagement activities in Irish higher education.  The charter, which was signed by the presidents of 20 higher education institutions in Ireland specifies that:

“Our campus and all our activities will be informed by the sustainability agenda in recognition that a ‘green campus’ contributes to community well-being and economic development”.