Hello everyone,

We hope you are keeping well and very much looking forward to the break.

At the start of this year we were visited by Primary School students from all over Cork County as part of our 10 Year Green Flag Anniversary. We were inspired by the hopes that these students have for the future and they challenged us to do better!

We wanted to end our year on a note of celebration, so we have reflected on our collective achievements this year through the lens of some of these children which can be viewed here.  We sincerely appreciate the engagement from you over 2020 and look forward to working with you again in 2021 as we strive to meet the challenges of reducing our emissions, and improving our planet and society for all.

While we have your attention can we ask those that are working on campus to take a moment and power down PC’s and non-essential equipment before leaving for the holiday period – Every little helps as we try to minimise and conserve energy over the holiday season. You can find out more about our energy performance and where our energy is consumed by clicking here