The Intervarsity Bioblitz

In 2014, UCC students in the School of Biological Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES), initiated the first ever Intervarsity BioBlitz.  The BioBlitz is coordinated nationally by the National Biodiversity Data Centre and is a 24 hour competition between sites to record as many species of plants and animals as possible.  451 species were recorded in this first event, and UCC took part in subsequent events in 2015 and 2016.

The BioBlitz is primarily undertaken by students, putting their interests and education into action to identify as many species as they can, but with the help of experienced zoology and ecology staff, and ecologists from outside campus also.

One of the most popular aspects of the BioBlitz is the outreach element, wherein each year students have taken specimens from the BEES zoology museum to the children’s ward in Cork University Hospital.

One Million Trees in a Day

On February 11th 2017, UCC together with SECAD (South and East Cork Area Development) organised the planting of “One Million Trees in a Day”. UCC acted as a distribution point for all of the trees in Cork.

EAUC Biodiversity Guide

UCC have contributed their experiences in biodiversity management on campus to the Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges Biodiversity Guide.  The guide, which outlines practical steps to improving biodiversity on campus is available on the EAUC’s Sustainability Exchange website.