UCC Green Week 2021 “A Week of Climate Action and Sustainability”


UCC Green Week 2021 #GreenWeek2021 Campuses around Ireland are coming together to promote the first National Green Week from March 8th to 12th. The theme of week is Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion. To celebrate, UCC Green Campus committee has come together with UCC Societies, UCC Students Union and colleagues from across the university for a [...]

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UCC Plug In Electric Vehicle Charge Points


UCC Plug In Electric Vehicle Charge Point locations: As the move to electrification of cars gathers momentum UCC has invested in its charging infrastructure to provide our staff with the facilities to charge on site, should they require a charge to complete their return journey. Our charging stations are spread across the campus with the [...]

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Energy Use for January 2021


Welcome to the first of our monthly energy bulletin where we summarise the energy performance of our Estate. In the coming months we hope to inform you of the energy trends across the Estate, the measures that the UCC community are undertaking to reduce and conserve energy as well as an update on ongoing energy [...]

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Green Campus 2020 Review


Hello everyone, We hope you are keeping well and very much looking forward to the break. At the start of this year we were visited by Primary School students from all over Cork County as part of our 10 Year Green Flag Anniversary. We were inspired by the hopes that these students have for the [...]

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UCC E-Bikes


So as they say in Cork………..What’s The (E-Bike) Story…….? Between the winding boreens and the coastal highways of Cork, UCC’s Electric Bikes have travelled them all, over the past 6 months and not without the help of our friends at the Cork Bike Shed who serviced and maintained our fleet throughout. Our E-Bike trial has [...]

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UCC Electrical & Gas Performance Academic Year 2019/20


UCC Electrical & Gas Performance Academic Year 2019/20 2019/20 Energy Performance Needless to say the closing of the campus in March 2020 due to the COVID pandemic had a big impact on our energy performance for the Academic year 2019/20. Our weekly electrical consumption reduced by 40% while our natural gas consumption, used to heat [...]

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UCC Display Energy Certificates 2020/21


Every year UCC, like other public bodies, are required to undertake an exercise to calculate the energy performance of our buildings and display that performance through a Display Energy Certificate (DEC). The original intent of the DEC process was to give building owners an idea of how their buildings are performing in comparison to other [...]

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Our beautiful campus is not only a place of learning and independent thinking but is also a home to 27 different forms of biodiversity habitats. Biodiversity refers to the huge variety of life on the planet. This includes not just the variety of species, but the variety of the genetic information within and between species, [...]

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