UCC is a member of The Environmental Association for Universities and Colleges (EAUC). The EAUC is a not-for-profit member based charity supporting sustainability in universities and colleges. They aim to inspire, promote and support best practice sustainability within the operations, curriculum and research activities of HEIs, by providing training, advice and support.

All UCC staff and students are able to benefit from this membership, with access to resources, online learning and webinars, unique online communities and networking opportunities.  Lecturers can avail of the e-learning module, to guide class content in sustainability.  Anyone can join a Community of Practice, to network with others and learn about specific areas relevant to sustainability.  By joining these communities, you can access the wealth of experience and knowledge of thousands of colleagues from across the further and higher education sector by simply sending an email.

As a university we have shown our commitment to continue our sustainability journey; membership of the EAUC will help promote a whole institution approach to economic, social and environmental change. By taking advantage of EAUC Membership, staff and students can work alongside each other making us stronger.

Join us in driving sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment as an institution.  To take advantage of our existing membership, create a free account by registering on the EAUC subscription page using your institutional email address – simply select “University College Cork” in the drop-down box. You will then have access to all member-only resources, discounts and services! For more information on the EAUC and the services they provide, visit www.eauc.org.uk.