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Sustainability Citizenship

Each of us, individually, play an integral part in the wider environment and accordingly should act as good citizens of Earth. This University commits to support and promote such sustainability citizenship amongst its student and staff population. UCC is proud to have been the first University in the world to receive the An Taisce Green Campus award, and the University sees the Green Campus programme as a significant component of its sustainability efforts.  The University strives to promote sustainability citizenship through its Green Campus programme in a manner that is student-led, research informed and practice focused.

Furthering the promotion of sustainability citizenship beyond the Green Campus programme and through all aspects of University life is key to the full implementation of the sustainability strategy.

International Collaboration

UCC contributes to the wider sustainability agenda through it’s involvement with both national and international networks, including:

Student Clubs and Societies

Green Campus was the brainchild of UCC Envirosoc Students, and the president of that society now serves as co-chair of our Green Campus Committee.  The deputy president of UCC Student’s Union is the other co-chair.  Green Campus is strongly supported by the UCC Societies Guild and Clubs Executive.  Our students also engage nationally, for example representing UCC Green Campus at the national Green Campus Ireland summits.

UCC Works Internship Programme

Each year, Green Campus take on a number of interns through the UCC Works programme.  Through this programme students are given a specific project, for example calculating the carbon footprint of UCC, or running a marketing campaign.  The students receive mentoring from UCC staff for the duration of the project  an award at the end of the internship.  Their contribution is also recognised on their diploma supplement.